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Moral appeal is army webmail monetary policy to regulate the money supply by way of giving encouragement to economic players. Examples such as banking urge lenders to be cautious in issuing credit to reduce the amount of money in circulation and encourages banks to borrow more money to the central bank to increase the money supply in the economy.
Fiscal policy and monetary policy is done with the aim to manage the contents of the demand for goods and services, in order to maintain production The approaching full employment and to maintain the price level of goods and services so that inflation and deflation does not occur.
For developing countries is actually difficult to adjust between income developing countries low, while the need to provide goods and services as well as other finance larger expenditures. While the policy mix is ​​a mixture daari two bdiatas policies undertaken by changing spending, taxation or the amount of money circulating together.

            Sebagaiman we know that monetary policy affects financial markets and securities markets, and money market and berhargta letter that will determine the level of interest rates, and interest rates will affect the aggregate level. Fiscal policies will have an influence on demand and aggregate supply, which in turn demand and aggregate supply that will determine the situation in the market of goods and services. Conditions in the market for goods and services will determine the level of prices and employment will determine the level of income and wage level that is expected. Both will have feedback that revenue will give feedback on aggregate demand and wage expectations have feedback on aggregate supply and money markets and securities markets.